Its 2017 WHAT?


Its 2017 now and that is crazy to me, anyone else feel the same way. Looking back on 2016, I have done so many things within the span of that year that is so mind bogolling. I for the first time met other YouTubers like myself, gone to meet ups & gathering. Even more so I  met so many of my YouTube inspirations and got a chance to go to the YouTube Space which is a dream for so many new creators.

Thanks to being a part of the amazing community ‘London Small YouTubers’ and going to meet ups & gatherings at Russell Sqaure, I have met so many wonderful people. Its always refreshing to see everyone who shares the same passion for doing YouTube that I do, and having fun with that in all the different forms. Its always nice to meet new people as well, as the more people I meet the more I realise how there are so many talented people that don’t get recognised. Thanks to being able to go to all the different meet ups, it helps further develop myself as a YouTuber and how to further develop my channel for the fans and viewers by talking about possible changes to one’s channel to better stand out.

First LSY Meet Up – 14 May 2016

I have gone to many amazing events such as MCM Comic Con in London meeting so many cosplayers and YouTubers, you see so many people being true to themselves and its always a site to behold. By far it is one of my favourite events to go to every year, mostly because of the fact that I love Anime.

There are so many YouTubers who are my role models and many that I look up to, for which I had no idea that I would have the chance to meet but in 2016 I did. I met the amazing Tomska aka Thomas ‘Tomska’ Ridgewell during May 2016, it was a real honour to meet someone so talented and one who encourages so many people to do what they love.

Meeting Tomska at MCM Comic Con London – 27 May 2016

I got to the meet Caspar Lee 29th May 2016, at his book tour for his book Caspar Lee about his written by his mum Emily Lee. It was a pleasure to meet him, he was so nice and so was his mum as well even though it was a brief moments talk with him. I will remember that amazing moment that I met one of my vlogger inspirations.

Meeting Caspar Lee for Book Tour – 29 May 2016
Meeting Tanya Burr for Tanya Bakes Book Tour – 2 July 2016







During the first week of July, I got to meet the lovely Tanya Burr, she was very cute and one of the nicest people I have met. It was nice having a brief conversation with her and telling her how she is one of my vlogging inspirations.

During my first visit to the YouTube Space London, for the Wicked Celebration I managed to meet Jenny Bee aka Jenny Bingham who is a YouTuber who I feel is cute and funny and can always make me smile. It was by pure coincidence for when I first saw her at the event, I was looking back and forth at her to see if she was the ‘real’ Jenny Bee since I was nervous about meeting her. After working up the courage to go up and speak to her, she was so nice, we had an awesome conversation about YouTubing and so forth, so glad I met her and looking forward to meeting her the next time.

Performing spoken word for the first time at BoxediN at Boxpark – 25 October 2016
Meeting Jenny Bee aka Jenny Bingham at the YouTube Space London – 13 September 2016


During 28th October 2016 I got a chance to go the comic con once again, it was amazing as I was not only able to see all the amazing cosplays but I was able to meet some of my favourite YouTubers such as Luck Cutforth aka LukeIsNotSexy, Christopher Bingham an amazing filmmaker, Evan Edinger with a great sense of humour and the goddess Emma Blackerry.

It was amazing getting a chance to meet all these amazing people and talk to them and someday I hope I can be inspirational and amazing as they are some day.

My 2016 amazing adventures don’t end there, I also was able to attend another YouTube Space event an Open Mic where I was able to perform live.

It was a great oppotunity and an honour to be able to perform at the YouTube Space’s Open Mic although was nervous like crazy. I met some amazing YouTubers there including two more inspirations Niki and Sammy Albon (Niki n Sammy).

There is nothing more I can possibly is ask for, by far 2016 for me was the best year and looking forward to 2017 being better. Even if 2016 wasn’t good for the world in general, nothing is perfect right. I love to see what people and world will do in this year and I hope I can meet more amazing YouTubers and people.


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