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First Dance Choreography I love dancing and have been learning various styles during my time at the dance society at my university. Since then I have discovered how much I truly love dancing and would like to do more of it. I had... Continue Reading →

Rose and Rosie Exposed Tour

28 April 2017, I had the opportunuity to go watch Rose and Rosie's tour 'Rose and Rosie Exposed' tour at the O2 Shepperd's Bush Empire in person, how crazy is that. Rose and Rosie are one of many creators that... Continue Reading →

Being a Content Creator

I know what you’re thinking, when you think ‘content creator’ automatically your mind goes to YouTube and yes I am a ‘YouTuber’ I just like using the term ‘content creator’ because it makes me feel all fancy. Aside from that,... Continue Reading →

My First Photo-shoot

Last week I got a chance to get myself professionally photographed by the one and only Isabelle Elliot (Izzii for short) Isabelle Elliot Photography  she is an amazing photographer and has a really keen eye for detail. The pictures she... Continue Reading →

Red & White YouTube Party #YTFW 13th April 2017, went to the Red & White YouTube Party at the YouTube Space in London and it was simply amazing. The first time they ever had a fashion show, and showing off all of the YouTube merchandise... Continue Reading →

Doing It Live with Hannah Witton Tour On 11th April 2017, I got the opportunity to go to my very first ever YouTuber's tour in my life so far. I bought VIP package to experience the whole thing, and it was every bit amazing as I... Continue Reading →


For this particular dance, I had an amazing dance expect Jack Manley, who is a really cool dude with some awesome moves. Isolations utilised different parts of the body and focused one thing at a time than doing so many... Continue Reading →

Performing at the St Patrick’s Open Mic at the YouTube Space

YouTube Space London, the best place for youtubers, so many amazing people

Contemporary Is Hard … Tried doing some comtemporary dance, to Ludovico Finaudi's 'i Giorni', it was the first time I did this style of dance so I was both nervous and excited at the same time. When doing it, there was so much... Continue Reading →

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