About Me

What up, how’s life I’m Kite Visionary and I’m based in London, England. Currently a student at university studying a Film undergraduate degree in hopes of understanding films more and collaberate with other people. I just think films are amazing, especially when you find out how its been filmed by who and how the director got their inspiration for it, truly amazing.

My main passion is making YouTube videos, I always love creating and mainly dabble in vlogs mostly sit down and daily vlogs, experiementing with different content to try and see what I like and a mess of other stuff. I love listening to a wide array of different types of music and I love food so much ahhhh!!!! I especially love how at times my content can make people smile and see them enjoy themselves.

I have been thinking of creating a blog for a while but wasn’t entirely sure until I saw some of my friends blogs which looked so amazing and stuff they talked about, it made me want to try it out as well and here we are. I started this blog as way to write about sutff and for all those blog lovers out there who love reading more than watching vidoes. On this blog will be anything and everything that I feel like talking about. Lets just say I have a habit of and enjoying rambling on and on.

If you enjoy just talking about random things, youtube stuff and reviews especially food glorious food, then make sure join me on my blogging adventure by clicking the follow button to always know about all the amazing posts I put up. Hope you enjoy your time on my blog.