Rose and Rosie Exposed Tour

28 April 2017, I had the opportunuity to go watch Rose and Rosie’s tour ‘Rose and Rosie Exposed’ tour at the O2 Shepperd’s Bush Empire in person, how crazy is that.

Rose and Rosie are one of many creators that I look up to and who inspire me every time I watch their videos. They are amazing, beautiful and just all round fabulous sexy ladies.

Before you ask, I know what you’re going to ask, ‘Did you record it, how was it? come on tell us’ and yes I did as for how I was feeling, you can see all the craziness unfold by watching my vlog which is down below.

Literally on the day of the tour, I woke up so mega early and was full of  pure excitement and anticipation, even though the tour was later in the evening. I know I’m such a kid aren’t I, what am I a kid waking up for Chirstmas but I’m always childish at heart.

The show was so amazing, I was full of laughter and honestly the show was so entertaining. I would also say they made an excellent decision to have the tour at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, it’s so large and beautiful, such a great place, especially if you’re in the stalls and 3 seats away from the stage.

Rose and Rosie, were so wonderful and two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They always inspire me to do what I do and whenever I watch their videos it gives me more and more courage. Someday I hope I can be as great as they are. If you got a chance to go to any of their ‘exposed’ tours in the UK, let me know about your experience too, down in the comments down below.

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