Geat Way to Kick off the Year

Its 2017 now, which is great as I’m hoping this year will be even better than last year. So far I’ve started off 2017 by creating a brand new channel – Kite Visionary Vlogs – so make sure you go subscribe, the link to that channel is down below

I managed to attend an event at the YouTube Space London, Animation Showcase by Benoit Berthe, who honoured me and everyone at the space with being able to witness the animations made by so many talented people. It was truly a sight to behold, and really looking forward to the next animation showcase. This was definitely a great way to start of my vlog channel, by going to this event and vlogging it.

The year also started off by being able to see people from LSY at the LSY brunch at Bills Restaurant on Wellington Street, it was fun being able to see everyone for the first time this year for a meet up brunch. The food there will always be awesome, I LOVE MY PANCAKES, the hot chocolate was good too but PANCAKES YAY!!!!


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