First Dance Choreography

I love dancing and have been learning various styles during my time at the dance society at my university. Since then I have discovered how much I truly love dancing and would like to do more of it. I had decided that I would try to create my first ever dance choreography, which I have been doing to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ which is an amazing song that I absolutely love.

I had been practicing it and working out the moves and transitions for several weeks before I had implemented it in a video. After practicing it for so long I decided it was now or never as if I had kept on putting it off by saying I am not ready or need more time, I would never do the dance and will keep on practicing for a long time. I then went out to a park and filmed the dance, had a lot of fun doing it and if there is a lack of emotion on my face it’s probably due to me focusing on the dance moves. I did the dance moves to the lyrics and the beat but obviously, more improvement is needed.

Make sure you go check out the video above and let me know what you think. As always make sure you follow me on all my social media and share my content with all your friends so they join in the fun. That’s it from me so peace!!!


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