On 11th April 2017, I got the opportunity to go to my very first ever YouTuber’s tour in my life so far. I bought VIP package to experience the whole thing, and it was every bit amazing as I had expected it to be. I got to meet the lovely Hannah Witton along with the ever so amazing Lucy Moon, who were both the kindest and cutest people ever.

I recorded some great stuff, took some really good pictures that were so good that Hannah Witton herself took a liking to and wanted me to send them to her and in doing so she put up one of the pictures I took and credited me in the caption on instagram. It was then that inner fangirl got the better of me and I freaked out, so thanks to both Hannah Witton and Lucy Moon for making my first ever YouTuber’s tour one to remember. It was so funny and filled me with such happiness, have a watch and share around.