Logan Review

Disclaimer – This review will probably contain spoilers, for those who haven’t watched the film, then I urge you to click of this post and come back once you have watched it. You have been warned!


The other day I finally got around to watching Logan (2017) directed by James Mangold, and it is so good, there are so many elements to it that make it such a good film to watch. Its a lot more different compared to the other types of the films in the X-Men franchise.

The overall story is a lot more darker and sinister, there is a lot that can be drawn from this film. The story starts of with Logan who is now a very old who we see is working as a chauffeur, we still see he has his powers but isn’t as strong as he once was, he takes longer to heal, longer to get his claws out, and slower reaction time. We still see he has the same amount of anger, but he seems more mature in terms of he’s given up on everything due to there being no more mutants alive.

The wheels start turning when a mother Gabriella, recognises Logan who was also known as Wolverine in the past, requesting his help to protect her from some people trying to kill her. Logan refuses and doesn’t want anything to do with her or to remember how he once was in the past. Logan then goes to this deserted area in some desert, where we see another mutant Caliban, an albino who has the power to detect other mutants and Charles Xavier aka Professor X who is seen older and a bit crazy due to his brain disease. This results in him not being able to control his powers and harm people around him, henc the reason why he’s in a water tank thing, in the desert. One of the charaters of X-Men gets in touch with Logan, trying to find the Gabriella and the girl she has with her, who was created as a weapon by Weapon X and want her back. He goes to see her, meets Laura and at first refuses to help her but then pays her another visit to only find that she was killed and Laura was gone.

Laura hides in Logan’s boot and goes with him to where Charles is, Charles explains she is the person he has been talking to for the past few days. What we do learn is that she trusts Charles highly and not very friendly towards Logan and doesn’t speak. Weapon X head towards Logan and the others to retrieve Laura, and while Logan tries to leave with Charles, they get stopped. Laura beats up members of Weapon X and comes out of the house or shack with the head of one of the soldiers. You then see her fight against the soldiers with her adamantium claws and her regenerative abilities, being the same as Logan.

Logan reluctantly helps Laura due to Charles’ insistence, this leads to a chase all over by Weapon X, getting many innocent people involved in the process. Laura, is reminisent of how Logan once was as Wolverine, short tempered and extreamly aggresive. I like how they depicted Laura in the film as a child, who is such a badass, you see more to her character in terms of her mental state and there’s something just about a little kid being able to fight against a whole group of people. In other mediums such as animated versions for example X-Men Evolotuion she is shown as a young adolscent teen, who knows whats right and wrong, whereas in this film Laura shows there are a lot of things she doesn’t understand being raised in a lab.

Logan and Charles help Laura in an attempt to reach the Canadian broder, Dakota to meet up with her comrades, the other children however the coordinates are from a comic book of the X-Men reffered to as Eden which Logan believes isn’t real. Logan and Charles also uncover a phone which has records of what happened to her and the other kids in the lab and what were Weapon X trying to do.

Charles’ powers end up causing problems along the way, as his disease acts as a catalyst to both strength his powers and enhance them to an uncontrollable level, this leads to causing poeple around them to freeze and unable to move as the force his too strong, we see this during the casino scene. During the scene of Charles in bed, we see him crying, and saying that he did something bad but he doesn’t know what. So perhaps we can assume that he is the cause of all the other mutants dead, perhaps his powers were the cause of it and we learn that Logan knows so maybe he didn’t say to Charles as not to hurt him. It’s at this point that another X subject is sent to retrieve Laura but ends up killing Charles, which fills Logan with anger and despair enough to fight against the X subject even though he’s not as stong as him.

Logan saves Laura, and they continue moving towards Dakota, while on the way there Logan gets really frustrated with everything due to Charles dying and starts getting angry with Laura, blaming her for what happened. You see at this point Laura starts to care about Logan, you see how hurt he got and stole a car, took Logan to a walk in centre because she was concerned about him. Logan still doesn’t believe the place where all the children will be meeting exists and gets more exhausted and tired along the way. Laura lets him rest and drives all the way there, where he sees all the other children.

The only thing I’m thinking of is how was it possible for Laura a little kid to drive the car, since shes a small kid, she shouldn’t be able to reach the pedals let alone drive. Not to mention the fact that she’s able to steel a car really does make me ask questions.

You don’t see the any adults there, meaning that anyone who did help the other children are probably dead. Although its still a mystery as to how the other children managed to make it there safely, while they do have powers, Weapon X is a force to be reckoned with and could have easily captured them. You see to what lengths they go to in order to retrieve Laura but she was able to make it there by the help of Logan and Charles who are very powerful mutants themselves.

Its at this point you see Logan a bit more like how he is in the past, where you see him concerned by the safety of the children and what they’re planning next. You see him talk about an adamantium bullet which he originally wanted to kill himself with but Laura won’t let him die because Charles wants him to live. In the morning the children takes to the woods in order to cross the border, but Logan finds the medicine that could make him stronger in order to fight but he also sees Weapon X after the children. Knowing that the children won’t be able to outrun them, Logan goes into the forest to help the kids and fight Weapon X, along with Laura and the other kids.

The last fight is between Logan and the X subject which is his most difficult being that he has the same powers as Logan but is younger and stronger than how Logan is. Logan gets impaled into a tree branch, and just as he’s about to be killed, Laura gets out the adamantium bullet and shoots the X subject saving Logan. However, Logan can’t be saved, since he isn’t as strong as he once was, his healing powers don’t work and he starts dying. You see him in his last moments care about Laura and love her, which is so touching and sad that he’s dying and the same applies in reverse you see how much Laura cares for him. Laura calls him daddy, and sees him as a father figure not because of how his dna was used to create her but all he has done for her. This was genuinely a very sad scene and it did make me cry, with all the emotions.

The last scene you see is the kids at Logans grave paying their respects and taking off moving forward towards the border. But the overall film does not have a happy ending, as the kids made it this far thanks to all the adults inculding Logan and Charles, who is going to look after them now. Weapon X still exists and will probably continue creating more mutant weapons and the cycle will repeat itself, and the children won’t be safe since they will no doubt be chased. What about Laura, seeing Logan die, would she meet with the same fate having adamantium the very thing thats her power and strength be her demies in a few hundred years. There are so many unanswered questions throughout the film and keeps you guessing and makes us creates our own assumptions and interpretations of it. Thats part of the reason why I like it but also because its alot more darker than any type of Wolverine or X-Men film before and there is so much depth to it. Let me know your thoughts on it.

I made a video film review about it as well, there may be things I have in this post that I did not mention in the video and vise versa. Do give the video a watch and let me know what you think in the comments of the video.

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