Gotta Try Needoo’s Mixed Grill

There are loads of nice places to eat in London, which has cuisine from all over. As a food lover myself, it makes me really happy to eat good tasting food, so much so it makes me feel like I’m in food heaven.

One of my favourite places to eat to Needoo Grill restaurant in Whitechapel, London, so if you love grill food just as much make sure you pay a trip down to Needoo Gril to try out some of their great food.Most of their food is of the classic Punjabi variety, so good.


One of my favourite dish to always get is their ‘Mixed Grill’, it has nice chicken, lamb chops, kebabs with nicely friend onions and nicely shredded lettuce. The chicken, lamb chops, kebabs are so nicely cooked, even before you have them, they’ll make your mouth water. The taste is so amazing, you can taste the nice texture, soft, and so nice, that you just have to savour the nice flavours in it, bit by bit. The presentation of the dish is quite nice as well. If you ever come down to London and need a nice place to eat, I would recommend Needoo Grill.

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Kite Visionary xxx


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