Katekyo Hitman Reborn

This is both a manga that was originally written and illustrated by Akira Amano and then adapted into an anime directed by Kenichi Imaizumi.

The story focuses on the protagonist Tsunayoshi Sawada a typical middle schooler at Namimori Middle school, who can’t seem to do anything right whatsoever and receives the nickname ‘No Good Tsuna’ by many of his classmates. But with the help of a gun wielding infant who is renowned as the strongest hitman from the strongest mafia family, his life will change. This young boy discovers he is next in the line to succeed as the tenth generation of the strongest mafia family in Italy, the Vongola family after the current head the ninth who is on the brink of retirement.

Through his adventures with this unique home tutor, he goes through many hardships making allies of both the friendly and criminal kind and perhaps the only person that can help this reluctant middle schooler be someone great.

Reborn’s preferred method of teaching among other dangerous forms of tutoring is by shooting Tsuna with a ‘Dying Will Bullet’ which causes the subject to be in essence ‘reborn’ as a stronger self to fulfil their dying wish.

The first few episodes of the anime focuses mostly on Tsuna’s daily life and how we end up meeting the main and supporting characters. This anime is a mix between action and comedy, so the first few episodes are quite comically. It is in the first few that we meet Hayato Gokudera who appears as a delinquent who uses bombs but then gets saved by Tsuna and decides to become his self proclaimed right hand man. He meats Takeshi Yamamoto in a similar manner however it was more that Takeshi found Tsuna interesting and same applies to Ryohei Sasegawa.


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