Do What You Love

This is probably one of the hardest things that people can do,and that is to find what you love doing and actually do it. This matters a lot on YouTube as all YouTubers in general want views and their videos to be shared, but finding the right content that both you, yourself as the creator enjoys and so do the majority of your viewers can become very difficult. Certain types of videos which a creator may have created may get a lot of traction whereas other videos which are different from that type may not get the same response. It then leads to creators sometimes continue to create those videos that they may not enjoy as they know that those videos gets a lot attention, this can cause a creator to get stuck. Some creators take the risk to do a different content than their audience’s preference they enjoy doing, which could lead a creator’s views to drop and not earn that much amount of money. This is something that both small and big content creators suffer from, however small YouTube may not suffer as much as bigger creators as for them, many do it for fun whereas bigger creators do YouTube as their career meaning they have a lot more to lose.

For me personally I do YouTube with the full intention of having fun and if I earn some here and there because of it, cool. I would love to turn YouTube into a career someday as I love doing what I do and if I could do that I would be thrilled but that would be the day I earn enough to cofindently do it full time. I mostly do make videos I enjoy doing and I do read and listen to what viewers say about my videos but I care more about having fun. I started experimenting with different content in order to understand all the different types of videos that people do and see if its something I can see myself enjoying. Doing what you love can often be a hard thing as there may be consquences for that you may have to think about and many risks may need to be taken.


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