On 2 February 2017, I when to a YouTube Open House at the YouTube Space in London and it was simply fabulous. Not everyone gets a chance to go to the YouTube Space and the fact that a small youtuber like me gets the opportunity to go to an event is something I always feel lucky about.

This was the second YouTube Space event of this year that I was able to attend and it was fabulous, I met so many amazing people so many new friends SWEETS and jam-packed music the whole night. There was so many party vibes and also got to meet some old friends as well, always so nice. They also had pizza and free drinks which made things even better.

The biggest highlight of the night was getting surprised by Misha B who came to the YouTube Space to perform live and not to mention I was right in the front. It was amazing getting to listen to her and watch her perform live right before my very eyes. It is something I will always remember.

I recorded one awesome vlog, make sure you watch it to see the cool people that I met, the craziness and all the good party vibes.


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