Written and drawn by Iwamoto Naoki, this manga is follows the story of Shion and Enma, who have to go on a dangerous adventure in order to complete various rituals to seal away the monster that sleeps within Enma. Through their adventures they encounter many obstacles who will try to prevent them from sealing away the monster within as many seek to take control of that power.

Through the manga there is much character development especially for these two, who not only learn more about each other but also develops their feelings for one another through all their hardships and struggles. Those struggles come with learning about each others pasts and Shion being a ‘degraded human’ but rose to be one of the greatest magicians ever and on occasions a ‘criminal’ by people who don’t understand his intentions. Leading to have the reader have more respect for Shion as a character. Along with Anise, (Shion’s cat) and Lulu (Shion’s and Enma’s adopted daughter) they manage to complete ritual after rituals and make many friends along the way.

It is a really good manga filled with adventure, magic, romance, it is well written and the art is really good. There are a few comedic moments as well, overall really well done manga, I have read it back to back several times over. If this sounds interesting to you then I implore you to go read it.


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