It’s always important to live out your passions and to follow your dreams, if we did not have those then we would be able to find out what we truly want to do in life. Some people turn their passions into their career while others have it as a side hobby which is fine either way. Then there are also some people who have various passions and incorporate it within a bigger passion, and I guess I fit into that category.

My main passion is creating content on YouTube, it is always fun creating stuff but I also like experimenting with all the different things that I could possibly seem to like, one such thing is dance. I love dance so much, the way you can make your body move to the music, the lyrics or create a meaning or communicate with each other, using the language of dance.

I love trying out different dances and it is always so much fun, the video above is a hip-hop dance choreography to the song Da Rockwilder by Method Man and Redman. The song was a nice choice, it has an awesome beat and hip-hop is by far one of my favourite dance style as you become very light on your feet which I really love. I hope to go a lot deeper, in terms of finding more creative ways to dance in the style of hip-hop.

I have been trying out so many different dance styles and it always give me a lot more things to love about dance. In the video above I got an introduction to commercial dance, which was similar to other dances I have done such as funk or parts of hip-hop. By the end of it I got addicted to this new type of dance.

I may not be the best at dancing and you don’t have to be the best at your passion either, just keep at it and you’ll get to where you want to be. In both videos I probably look like a flailing octopus to you and I do cringe over how bad I am but I love dance and will keep on dancing regardless of how bad I am because I really love it.


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