Love Those Margaritas

Went for dinner at Frankie’s & Benny’s New York Italian Restaurant in the O2, it was a restaurant I have never been to and the food looked and tasted so good. There was so much variety in the food they had on the menu it was hard to decide what to go with.The restaurant looked so fancy and being inside the O2 gave it and even better vibe.


I ended up going for those classic margaritas, I can never get tired of the classic no matter how times I may have that type of pizza. The pizza was nicely cooked, so fine and the taste was unbelievable, I especially loved the cheese YAS CHEESE. I could taste all the flavour and it was nicely sized as well which didn’t make it too difficult to finish by one person. I love the taste of that melted cheese combined with the sauce and presented so nicely and perfected in the pizza base. It was very good and felt very stuffed after eating it all. Pizzas and any classic food will always be art.



Frankie’s Fruit Punch was “A full and fruity combination of orange and pineapple juices, brought to life by almond syrup and grenadine” as described in their menu and boy was it delicious. I am a big lover of sweet things and I am a huge sugar fiend, which is why I chose  the Fruit Punch, so good. I could taste all the sweetness and freshness, for a moment when it touched my lips I felt that I had gone to sweet heaven. The fact that their was such sweetness is a testament to the freshness of the ingredients, that were very well combined. The colour of the Fruit Punch was very bright and made the drink look even more appealing. I could not stop drinking it and wanted to order another one, it was just that good. If you ever need a sweet drink from Frankie’s and Benny’ go for the Fruit Punch.


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