Classy Dinner

If you ever need to find a nice restaurant with some amazing tasting food, you should consier going to Bella Italia. The food there was so good, didn’t try everything but from the food I chose and my friends chose, the look, presentation and taste it’s all there and its pretty classy.


The first mention is the starter, I chose the Calamari, the portion was just right not too much and too little. The Calamari, was very well made, it was fried to prefection and the instant you bite it you can hear that crisp crunch. When dipped into the sauce, it enhances the flavour even more and creats a brand new sensation of taste all together. Overall very pleased with the starter, very presentable, and made very well.


Now comes the main, I went for a Traditional Lasagne, and boy was it good. Nicely seasoned, you could taste all the ingredients, it was so good. I wanted to just order more of it so I could eat it again. As I ate each bite, I was savouring the dish, so much flavour and presentation is so perfect. Overall really liked it, it was cooked really well and the ingridents were used well and combined well. I look forward to next Lasagne at Bella Italia.

The food at Bella Italia was perfect, it is definetly on my list of one of my favourite places, the food is so good and just thinking about it again makes me want to go again. If you ever looking for a restaurant with good food, for a day out with friends or a romantic dinner, Bella Italia is the place to go.


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