Noodles Never Tasted So Good

Had a trip down to Wagamama’s one time, which was a first for me as I’ve never been there before and didn’t know what types of food to expect.

The menu was full of food, I had only heard of and thought I would never try but thanks to my friends I was able to. It was hard to decide what to eat, considering a lot of them I had no idea what they were and a part of me wanted to order everything just to get a chance to eat all the amazing dishes. It was difficult to resist the temptation to do so.


I ended up going for the Yaki Soba, and it was so good. It was all the goodness I had imagined and more. First of the presentation was wonderful, everything being in the centre, the colour, it looked like the food was practically glowing. My first impressions of it was it was very well laid out, you could smell the aroma and wonderful fragrance of the ingredients, it was heavenly.

When it came to tasting, I could taste all the fresh ingredients, all the flavours mixed together and cooked to absolute perfection. It was nicely seasoned and everything tasted well together, nothing was out of place. If you need a place to go for good noodles definitely go to Wagamama’s.


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