Some YouTubers ask how do stand out from the the other YouTubers? YouTube has become very saturated, that there are so many people who do same or similar type of content that you potentially may want to produce.

The way most people stand out is by doing something niche, that not many other people may do. By having content focused on a particular niche, it then raises the chances of specific people coming to your channel for that particular content. One perfect example of a channel with a niche is Catiewahwah on YouTube, who’s channel focuses on music and more specifically vinyl records. By having a particular niche, she then has content directed at that specific audience who love vinyls.

It is not always easy to find a niche, but if you do plan on having on make sure you are happy making the content.

Consider checking out David WalshiOnline’s video ‘How To Build Successful Niche YouTube Channel (with Catie Wahwah), this video has a lot of insight if you’re looking for trying to get that niche. The video explains it all, make sure you go check it out.