Start Your First Video

Most people assume before they even create their first video or start YouTube they require the best equipment just as how they YouTubers they admire have. Truth is no, when many of the well known YouTubers of today started, the equipment they started off with was very basic and was more terrible then today, this resulted in many of their first videos not having the best quality of the image, sound or lighting.

However, with today’s technological advances, its fairly easy to record, edit and good quality videos. Nearly everyone has a phone or if you’re younger you can borrow your parent’s phone, which will probably record in 1080p or just as good. People essentially make excuses for why they can’t create, and the common excuse is equipment.


If you want my opinion, you are in a much better position than how YouTubers were back when they started, since most people know what YouTube is, there is a bigger audience who always watches YouTube and you have better equipment to start off recording with than what most YouTubers had when they were your age.

Instead of lazing about with what you don’t have, make the best of what you do have and use that, as the quality is irrelevant because content is at the core of it all and then everything else comes secondary. If the content is not good enough, there won’t be an audience to watch you. As for equipment, you can keep on using what you have and then slowly but surely save up enough and then upgrade.


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