Pancakes at Bill’s

Thanks to my friends, I was able to eat at such an amzing establishment. The inside looks generally really great, very minimal I would say and it has that calm vibe, perfect for groups of people and family atmosphere, for a loving family. When eating, I felt like I was eating in bliss being in that atmosphere.


I have only been there twice, so I have not tried everything on their menus but both times I could not resist the pancakes. The Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes, the presentation was wonderful it looked so nicely layed out almost like a work of art. The fruits complimented the pancakes, not too much but enough to add to the presentation. Choosing pieces of starberries and banana was the perfect combination to have the pancakes, from those two you get that sweet taste. The pancakes were nice and spongey, they were very easy to eat and the taste was divine. I could taste the flavour, and when eaten with strawberries and bananas, it felt like pancake heaven. When you add the maple syrup, to the mix it then creates an even more rich flavour.

I strongly recommend you go and eat at Bill’s Restaurant if you want to go to place that serves great food, I give it five stars. I look forward to getting a chance to eat at that amazing place again.




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